Meet the experts at Privacy Request

The no-code data privacy tech stack for modern enterprises.

We’re Privacy Request, the no-code data privacy technology platform built for modern enterprises. We're on a mission to help organizations simplify their compliance journey.

Our team invests heavily on regulatory insights and research to help you remain compliant with modern data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA/CPRA. Say goodbye to inefficient and error-prone manual workflows and be worry-free with a privacy tech platform that lets you take-charge and stay ahead of your data privacy program.

Our customer is priority #1.

Customers expect to be able to do what they need to do, in a way that fit’s their work. We have a deep understanding of our customers and craft seamless and meaningful experiences that better their lives.

Peter Barbosa

Co-Founder, CEO

Thomas Wilson

Co-Founder, CTO

Andrew Hartwig

Co-Founder, Engineer

Tarun Upaday

Board Member

Brandi Bennett

Regulatory Advisor

Menotti Minutillo Jr

Technical Advisor

Debra Farber

Marketing Advisor

Rafae Bhatti

Product Advisor