No-code data privacy for

Automate your organizations data map and fulfill privacy rights in only a few minutes. Demonstrate compliance for GDPR or CCPA/CRPA.

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Data Categorization

Automatically locate and categorize personal data.

Eliminate the tedious work that comes with building data maps and compliance records. Discover data sources using our fast and reliable data discovery and categorization solutions.

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DSR Automation

Fulfill data subject requests in seconds.

Trust our automation technology to complete your customers' data requests and consent changes across every data system and vendor.

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Data Mapping

Automated and evergreen data mapping.

Track the flow of data to, through and from your company to ensure strict compliance and risk mitigation. We cover all privacy operations from data sources and business processes, to identifying data owners, vendors and stakeholders.

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No-Code Connector Builder

Free your team from being stuck in the engineers' backlog.

We provide a self-service, no-code integration builder that enables your team to build privacy automation into your proprietary or home-brewed systems. No coding or engineering required.

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